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  • Placemate

    CODE          : SPR.CN.011 DESCRIPTION : Placemat, bamboo, rectangular...

  • Tray Bamboo
    Tray Bamboo

    CODE          : DESCRIPTION : DEMENSION :  CAP/MONTH : 2000 Pcs PRICE...

  • Fire Lamp
    Fire Lamp

    CODE          : SUS.18.045 DESCRIPTION : Handmade, alumunium material,...

  • Sculpture Fosil Wood
    Sculpture Fosil Wood

    CODE          : SWT.18.029 DESCRIPTION : Handmade, slice fosil wood and...

  • Tree of Life Wall Hanging
    Tree of Life Wall Hanging

    CODE          : SUS.18.026 DESCRIPTION : Handmade, alumunium material,...


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People who aware with the ethic trade surely is worried about un fair trade. Their worry is more and more and happened in all of theworld. SERRV is social movement in USA is the firstly noted in the fair trade concept. In 1940 they trade to answer the poverty problem in theSouth, especially Puerto Rico.The movement forced for fair trade larger in all the world. So fair trade become the world movement.

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