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  • Placemate

    CODE          : SPR.CN.011 DESCRIPTION : Placemat, bamboo, rectangular...

  • Tray Bamboo
    Tray Bamboo

    CODE          : DESCRIPTION : DEMENSION :  CAP/MONTH : 2000 Pcs PRICE...

  • Fire Lamp
    Fire Lamp

    CODE          : SUS.18.045 DESCRIPTION : Handmade, alumunium material,...

  • Sculpture Fosil Wood
    Sculpture Fosil Wood

    CODE          : SWT.18.029 DESCRIPTION : Handmade, slice fosil wood and...

  • Tree of Life Wall Hanging
    Tree of Life Wall Hanging

    CODE          : SUS.18.026 DESCRIPTION : Handmade, alumunium material,...


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       On 26 April 2017 , Sara   a marketing from SERRV USA visited Apikri. The purpose of her visit was to know about the best seller products  category in SERRV heron batik wood that made by Apikri producers  . The producer of heron is Kemiskidi , batik wood producer who live in Krebet, Pajangan, Bantul.

She learned the production process of heron batik wood at Kemiskidi workshop , interview with the workers and also Kemiskidi. She also took pictures of production process and also the workers interview.  Kemiskidi and the workers were very happy because their heron work very best seller in the stores of SERRV USA.

Sara is discussing about Apikri  with Yanti and Sri

Sara also had a visit to Apikri office and took some products pictures that she thought they will get good market in SERRV.  Besides also knowing about the Apikri progress .  Apikri expected that product that took picture by Sara will pass in the product selection and getting an order.